• Make your career bright with an ethical hacking course

    Making a career in ethical hacking is one of the smartest choices for you these days. You get to work with the latest technology without any threat of being at any risk. The job has the least disadvantages. If you prove yourself competent enough at it, your boss will always be contented with your outcome. You will always be in a win-win situation and get to earn a handsome remuneration.

    Types of ethical hacking courses and their certifications

    Certified Ethical Hacker: It is one of the most popular penetration course and certification. It can be done both online and with the help of a coach or instructor. The course has 18 different subject domains that include hacking subjects, modules on malware, cloud, wireless and mobile platforms.

    SANS GPEN: This course too can be done both online and with the help of an instructor. It has 115 questions with a three-hour deadline and requires candidates to score at least 74% score to pass. No specific training whatsoever is required for this exam. The course encompasses everything from technical approaches to testing, rules of engagement and reporting.

    Offensive Security Certified Professionals: This course has existed for the past 10 years and has gained immense popularity. It is also called as Penetration Testing with Kali Linux and includes 30 days of lab access. Since it based on Kali Linux, candidates undergoing this course need to have thorough knowledge about Linux, scripts and bash shells. The course also offers more advanced pen testing courses and exams including wireless, web and advanced windows.

    Foundstone Ultimate Hacking: It is one of the best penetration testing courses available. It covers SQL, web, Solaris, Linux, Windows and a host of advanced hacker techniques, such as tunnelling. It offers a host of training options including forensics and incident response. Apart from this, it imparts training in hacking internet of things, industrial control security systems, Bluetooth, RFID and firmware.

    CREST: The course is acceptable in many countries including Asia, Europe, Australia and UK. The mission of this course is to educate and certify pen testers. This exam of CREST is also known as CRT (CREST Registered Tester) and there are exams for infrastructure and web pen testers. All CREST-approved exams have been approved by Government Communication Headquarters of UK.

    Hence, these are five types of ethical hacking courses. You can choose any of them according to preference. They are imparted at leading institutes in the country at affordable fee. There is a great future in this tech-oriented field and you will always be at the top.